Withings Go Activity Tracker Review

Withings Go Activity Tracker – why is it here? There was more activity trackers on the market now, than than you can shake an active stick at. So after already having already produced two other activity trackers, why does Withings need a third unit? What can this offer we’ve not seen before – The Withings Go has an 8 MONTH battery life… from an touch sensitive E Ink screen…  Ok now I’m interested – so lets see what we get for that minuscule power draw Continue Reading →

Fly12 Review – Action Camera and Bike Light Combo!

Fly12 is a product that makes you scream “Why hasn’t someone done that before?”
Bike handle bars get cluttered with GPS’, lights, action cameras, possibly even bells. The latest product from Cycliq, the Fly12 action camera and bike light combo attempts to declutter your bars, not with a pair of compromised devices, but with a good action camera, and a really useful bike light. Continue Reading →

Polar Loop 2 Activity Tracker Review

Polar Loop 2: A small product part of a bigger eco-system. The tech world broadly seems to divide into two product types, stand alone devices and eco-system builders. Something like the Wahoo TICKR X is a good example of a stand alone product, whilst the Polar Loop 2 falls into the later category. So is the Polar Loop 2 for you? Continue Reading →

Giro Synthe MIPS Helmet Review: Protection at speed

The Giro Synthe MIPS is a fast looking, top of the range racing helmet. BUT it comes in two versions, regular and MIPS. The MIPS is a new fangled membrane supposed to prevent your grey matter turning into a smoothie if you come off the bike. So lets take a look at the Giro Synthe MIPS helmet, and seen if the science adds up! Warning medical images… Continue Reading →

Polar Balance Bluetooth Scale Review

Polar have always been an innovator in the sports tech market, and this year along with several other manufacturers took the next step in making a complete monitoring system for an individual, with the launch of the Polar Balance Scale. Lets take a look and see what Polar have brought to the table Continue Reading →

Rido R2 Saddle Review – Saddle protection for your perineum!

You spend a lot of time on the saddle of your bike. As a chap, that’s a lot of pressure going through very small, and sensitive area of the body. Some people get worried about problems with the prostate and the perineal region as a result of cycling, so a series of saddles have been produced to help protect that area. The Rido R2 saddle, has been specifically designed to consider problems in that sensitive area. But with the range of saddles available, what is the science behind perineal pressure?

Continue Reading →

Garmin Edge 25 GPS Review

People say that size counts, normally meaning bigger is better. But in the world of electronics, that rule gets turned on it’s heads with people trying to shrink products as much as possible. The question comes when dealing with sports electronics, can you go too far?

With that in mind, lets take a look at Garmin’s micro GPS, the Garmin Edge 25 Continue Reading →

Using Suunto Ambit3 and Stryd

GPS and multisport watches are big business. However most of the devices on the market can record the vast majority of metrics. However what happens when a company develops it’s own metric like Stryd’s power for runners? For most devices, you can get access to the Stryd power data after the run has been uploaded. But after working with Suunto in the development of Stryd, it’s not surprising that Suunto was the firm manufacturer to roll out on update to allow Stryd to natively show power during your running activities. With that in mind, lets take a look at the Ambit 3 Continue Reading →

Garmin Index WiFi Smart Scale review – TitaniumGeek

You know that a product category has come of age when the Big Boys get involved. In this case, the smart scale market has basically been the preserve of Withings and Fitbit for the last few years. Recently Polar have released their offering, now Garmin have come forth with their own take on the Smart Scale. Broadly scales are scales, they tell you have large you are. So manufacturers have started adding extra bells and whilst to attract your attention. The question then has to be utility. Do you NEED an ANT+ compatible scale? Let take a look at the Garmin Index Continue Reading →