Stryd Foot Pod – A Foot Based Running Power Meter

After the Rio Olympics, some of the athletes secret sauce is out – a NEW Stryd Foot Pod! Given that optical heart rate meters on watches are very much in vogue, Stryd has taken their power metrics gubbins and stuffed them into a foot pod! Continue Reading →

Wahoo Elemnt GPS, and Navigation Review

Garmin and Polar have been the defacto leaders of the cycling GPS world. Wahoo has slowly been encroaching on their turf with heart rate monitors and specific cycling gear, but has now has declared open war by releasing the Wahoo Elemnt GPS bike computer. Should Garmin and Polar be afraid of the new upstart? Continue Reading →

Sleeping with Dinosaurs – DinoSnores at the Natural History Museum

DinoSnores – The National History Museum opens it doors at night, and lets you sleep within the great Hintze Hall, right underneath their prized Diplodocus skeleton if you so desire. Sometimes you hear about an event and realise you have no choice, you HAVE to go and see what it is like. For me, DinoSnores was one of those events! Read on for an after-hours adventure at the NHM Continue Reading →

Rido Lt series saddle review

If the Rido R2 saddle is to cycling as crutches are to running, then the Rido Lt series saddle is a pair of overpronation race shoes. I have already taken a look at what might be termed Rido’s recovery saddle for individuals with perineal issues, so how does their more mainstream, race ready saddle compare? Continue Reading →

Stryd Garmin Connect IQ app testing

When the Stryd running meter was released, the only company to support it straight out of the box was Suunto. The Stryd team have used the Garmin Connect IQ platform to build a Stryd app for several Garmin watches. With the Stryd Garmin Connect IQ app finally Garmin watches can access, easily, the full suit of Stryd running data. Continue Reading →

Garmin HRM-Swim Review

Currently, many Garmin devices now come with optical heart rate monitoring, but currently, they DON’T support optical HR whilst swimming. In which case, if you use a Garmin watch for triathlon training or swimming in general, how do you monitor your HR zones? With the Garmin HRM-Swim, that’s how! Plus you might be able to squeeze an extra sport out of it too! Continue Reading →

HipLok Original v1.5 – Protecting your frame and your ride

For most people, your ride is likely one of your most expensive possessions, which can in of itself cause a problem protecting your bike from theft, but also protecting your frame from your protection. After scratching up one frame, I refuse to use bike-mounted locks.  HipLoks eponymous bike lock aims to look after your bike and your paintwork! Continue Reading →

Prudential RideLondon 2016 Race Preparations!

Having been one of the lucky thousands to get into the Prudential RideLondon, I thought it might be interesting to have a quick look over my kit bag for the coming weekend. I always have a problem packing. Whether that is to go on holiday, or just heading off to a race. So rather than just do the usual spin around the house looking daft, I thought I’d do a quick post showing what is going on before this weekend big ride.

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Fitbit Aria Scales review

Fitbit is synonymous with activity trackers, as GoPro is to action cameras. An important part of today’s tech world is creating connected ecosystems of devices. To see if all those steps are paying off, Fitbit has it’s own connected Wifi scales, the Fitbit Aria. So does it stand up on its own, or is it just another ecosystem component?

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HipLok FLX Bike Lock review

A lot of the time whizzing about doing kit reviews, I want to rack up the bike, and take a few shots. Or that sudden urge for a cake stop which I hadn’t prepared for with a bike lock. In the same way as carrying a “just in case” pump, tube and multi tool. The HipLok FLX is your just in case lock – something I didnt realise I was missing from my life! Continue Reading →