Bike fit review with the Guru Machine

Getting the fit on your bike is really rather important, both to getting the best power down on the actual road, and to preventing injuries and poor posture

Bike fitting services have existed from years, and have evolved from a chap with a tape measure, protractor and static trainer, to the level of advancement seen here with the GURU system, which allows for a plethora of minute adjustments, and most interestingly allows you to load different bike geometries to compare hundreds of different bikes to find and build to perfect machine for you. Certainly being sat on a Cervelo C3 one moment, the machine adjusts to give your own bike geometry, and then swaps to a Scott Foil is, if nothing else, a very impressive experience. This is my take on the Guru Bike fit review

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Zwift preview – The latest in cycling games

Just a very quick heads up of a review coming later today for the new cycling software Zwift – so consider this a Zwift preview.

A chap called Lawson Craddock had a very unfortunate/impressive crash during the Tour Down Under Race. He has been using Zwift in his rehabilitation, and luckily I have recieved an access code too now!
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Elbow cast removal – First wound check

One week at home and it’s time for the first elbow cast removal.  The olecranon fracture has been kept safe from injury, but now it’s time to look under the cast, and see how the wound is healing.

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Wahoo Segments review – An IOS app

Wahoo Segments app is very unique, and works with many of Wahoo’s other products. The Wahoo KICKR is an amazing piece of kit, and engineered to an industrial standard. But it’s true power as a training tool becomes apparent only apparent when paired to some of the great turbo trainer apps out there – see Zwift.

Wahoo have created the Segments app to utilise the variable resistance of the Wahoo KICKR  to allow you to cycle Strava segments, and cycle against other riders pre-existing times in the comfort of your own Pain Cave/home.

Currently the app is available on the App Store as one of the higher priced apps at £22.99. So like the KICKR it works with, it’s an expensive proposition, so is it worth it?

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Return home – The Hospital Discharge

The operation has gone well and its time to go home. I’m going to be off work for the next 4-8 weeks depending on how I progress. The important things now are going to be doing the rehabilitation, and getting proper nutrition inside me. So I’ve been back home for a few days now, what tricks have I found?

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