Fly6 Camera review

I recently received the a Fly6, V2.0 safety camera/light. Overall I’m very impressed. Even from the moment that you open the box, this is a device that screams – “We thought about that!” However given this is two products in one, does that make the Fly6 a jack of all trades and master of none?
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Garmin 920XT Review – Smart Watch – TitaniumGeek

I had held off purchasing the old Garmin 910XT in July, in the belief that there would have the be a replacement watch in the not too distant future.

Now this wasn’t just a desire for new things, but a want for features that were available in other products, Bluetooth LE as a minimum. Since the original 910XT’s release in 2012, and its development over the preceding years prior, I thought it quite likely that given the sea change in the world of GPS watches, even in Garmin’s own line up with the 620 Forerunner, an update had to be imminent. Plus, with the advent of the mainstream smart watch, aggressively promoted and produced by the likes of Samsung and now Apple, Garmin couldn’t really just produce another GPS triathlon watch. They had to push the envelope.

So is the 920XT a hit, or the beginning of the end for Garmin, as the new guard come out guns blazing?
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Cycling Following a Broken Elbow

During my recovery I have been fortunate to be able to continue cycling on a static trainer, cranking out the miles on Zwift Island using the Wahoo KICKR . With the onset of Spring, and resulting sunshine, people have been digging their bikes out from the winter hibernation, and I’ve been champing at the bit to be able to get out there with them – and finally 9 weeks after my operation, I got out on a ride!

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Stages power meter review

Power meters are currently the buzz word in cycling. They are also a key to a vastly different form of training. Like GPS several years ago, most costs a lot. Here I look at one of the lower cost offerings from Stages. – Updated 31/05/15
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Using Zwift for Fractured Elbow Rehabilitation with Wahoo KICKR

One of the bits of advice I have had from the physiotherapist is to try and keep active during my cycling injury rehabilitation. Keep my heart rate up to help improve the blood flow to the healing olecranon fracture. The best thing, is they are happy for me to do that on Zwift!

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