Zwift Rides and Races, Events and Acronyms

As the Zwift cycling game has grown, so have the number of weekly Zwift Rides and Races occur in on Watopia. In addition to the growth in the Zwift community, a series of acronyms and slang terminologies has developed. This post will look to list the common zwift races and events whilst working as a mini Zwift Glossary

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Swimming After Fractured Elbow – Rehabilitation

Swimming has been strongly advised to be an effective way to recover from my fractured elbow – however, my first attempts didn’t go every well, and frankly, I think I over did it!! FOUR months after my initial fracture and two months after my last swim attempt, I head back to the pool! Continue Reading →

Zwift Promo Code – Promotional jerseys

The Zwift game has many different unlockable jerseys and bikes, as discussed in the Fan Manual, up to Level 25 based on simple milage. However the Zwift team also often run a series of unlockable jerseys. This post details the Zwift promo codes needed and the jerseys we know about
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Garmin 920XT Swimming Review – Triathlon Watch – TitaniumGeek

Garmin is known for their GPS units, and cycling head units. Garmin has already proved that it’s 920XT is a competent multi sport watch, covering running and cycling. How do things fair in the pool?

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Importance of sleep affecting sports performance

Recently I uploaded a review of the Withings Aura. Why? might be a good question. Yes it’s a gadget and its vaguely related to health. But let’s be honest, as a review item, it was a little out of left field. The main reason being that sleep is important. I don’t just mean its nice. I mean bone healing, bike riding, muscle building, racing winning important. Sleep affecting sports performance is part of your training you might not have looked at…
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