The ZWIFT Ashes has started!

In 1882 Australia won their first Test Cricket win on English soil. For more than 100 years, the Ashes has been a call to arms for both countries. Then Zwift had an idea… Continue Reading →

Endura Padfit review – Endura FS260-Pro SL Bibs review – The most scientific bib pad ever!

Endura recently launched their FS260-Pro SL Bibshort. So I thought I’d better do an Endura PadFit review. Why is this being looked at on this site? Simply because this is the most advanced, bib I’ve heard of! The concept of a piece of cycling apparel where there is a computer, and an electroninc pressure sensor involved just to determining which size and width you need really piqued my geeky interest – read of for the most oddest clothing review ever!

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Sports Massage – A tune up service for your muscles

I’ve rather good at injuries, not only have I fractured my olecranon, but about 18months around I had serve neck pain – torticolis – as a result of staining my trapezius muscle. Physiotherapy sorted the original injury, but couldn’t quite get the muscle permanently pain free. It was suggested that a sports massage might help “loosen” the muscle. This is my experience, and take on sports massage Continue Reading →

Metal work removal from elbow – the operation

Well the day has finally arrived. I’m losing my metal work!
Which in many ways makes me think that I need to rename the site to something other than TitaniumGeek, and I won’t have an arm full of the shiny stuff any more.

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Shimano Action Camera – CM100 Review

The action camera market is hotting up, with the inclusion of the latest GoPro Session trying to slim down on the GoPro formulae. Shimano however is already there with one of the smallest packages on the market, and with several lessons GoPro should have taken on board.
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KickStarter Lumos Bike helmet hits goal in 1 day!

The Lumos bike helmet looks like such a great idea, that many people must be kicking themselves over it – especially now that they have successfully hit their £100,000 Kickstarter total ON THE FIRST DAY! How great an idea – lets take a look! Continue Reading →

Garmin Vector 2 review – Pedal Based Power Meter

Garmin have completely replaced and re-designed the pedal pods from their generation 1 Vectors. The original system won as many plaudits as it did critics. The question for this Garmin Vector 2 review, with a set of new sleek pods, has Garmin been able to banish the first pedal based power meters generation 1 gremlins? With that in mind, this review can also be considered a comparison between Vector 1 and Vector 2

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