GoPro Hero4 Session review

GoPro are the defining company with regard to the action camera market. BUT to date their products have unashamedly put function over form. The results have been rather…visually unappealing. Boxy, brick-like cameras that are very prominent no matter where you locate them. But now GoPro have the Hero4 Session, a tasteful, subtle little black box. Has the smaller package affecting GoPro’s defining image quality? Read on for the TitaniumGeek GoPro Hero4 Session review!

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Hydration for indoor cycling – Sports Hydration in the heat

Sports hydration and electrolytes are vital to effective training, even more so in the indoor environment. Whilst Zwift is amazing. Its indoors. As a result you are are going to SWEAT BUCKETS. But serious sweating, when not accompanied by the right electrolyte replacement can leave you underperforming at best, and in danger at the worst. Read on for some of the science of hydration for indoor cycling!

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Polar M400 Review – GPS Running Watch – TitaniumGeek

Marketed as a mid level running focused watch, the Polar M400 is capable of recording data from additional activities such as cycling, as well as the broadly termed “indoor activities”. In addition to the individual sporting activities, Polar has also included an activity tracker making this a very well spec’ed sports watch, yet priced in a way as to really cause the competition something to worry about. Read on for an impressively thought out device!
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Arm strength exercises after elbow fracture – TitaniumGeek

I think the hardest part after fracturing my olecranon SEVEN months and THREE weeks ago, was not the injury itself, which was annoying, but the residual weakness. This weakness has not merely affected my arm, but also my chest and back. ONE month after having had my metal work removed, it’s finally safe to start rebuilding the muscles on my right arm and shoulder. This was MUCH harder than I expected! Continue Reading →

Epson SF-810 review – GPS sports watch & wrist mounted optical heart sensor

Epson doesn’t only make printers, among their catalogue of electronics they also have the RunSense sport watches and PulseSense activity monitors. Here I look at their top of the line RunSense watch, featuring their latest, home grown, optic heart rate sensor, in the Epson RunSense SF-810 Review Continue Reading →