TacX Neo Preview

For myself, one of the biggest product announcements of 2015 has been the TacX Neo. Many people have championed the devices 6dB noise level. On my first encounter with the device, during my TacX Neo preview, I think I’ve found a MUCH more important feature… and its amazing! Continue Reading →

Stryd Running Power Meter – Preliminary Review!

I don’t normally consider things like preliminary reviews, but when a device is COMPLETELY brand new. A new type of device. A new concept to a sport and I think a quick “look inside the box” is warranted before the testing starts for real. So without further fanfare – I give you the Stryd Running Power meter preview
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Zwift Richmond 2015 Road World Championship Course – A Riders Guide

Since Zwift was launched, there has always been the plan to digitise real world race tracks. Well after 30 days hard graft at the computer the Zwift team has launched their Richmond course, and now with under a week to go before the start of real world racing at Road World Championships in Richmond 2015, I thought it would be worth while looking at what the Zwift is able to recreate when given a series of GPS coordinates rather than a blank slate.  Continue Reading →

Mio Alpha2 Review – optical heart rate watch – TitaniumGeek

Mio is the original optical heart rate monitor device manufacturer in the sports environment; launching their first device, the Mio Alpha on Kickstarter in 2012, since then Mio has expanded to an array of other wearables. Not resting on their laurels though, Mio have revisited their original device, and updated it as the Mio Alpha2 – reviewed here Continue Reading →

Using caffeine in cycling and endurance sports

Coffee is a cycling staple, so its likely no coincidence that caffeine is recognised to be effective for improving endurance and overall sporting performance. But how does this occur, and what’s the best way to utilise caffeines effect? How much/what is an effective dose of caffeine for cycling/endurance events and more to the point WHEN should you be taking that caffeine?
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