Withings Activité Pop Review – New tricks with a classical face

Sports bands and activity trackers are now big. There is no debating that. Similarly, the technology they contain is growing with every generation or firmware update. However, one thing that many activity trackers lack is a universal style. They all look like sports devices, or bits of modern technology. So for those who prefer a more analogue style Withings have you covered with the Withings Activité Pop. A smart watch, with old school looks

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Polar V800 Multi-Sport Watch GPS Review

Polar have always had a strong pedigree when it comes to cycling head units and runnning watches. The V800 watch is Polar’s latest multi sport watch, covering everything needed for the triathlon, and a few other sports as well Continue Reading →

Getting chatting with Zwift and TeamSpeak

The messaging app in Zwift is very useful, but there any many people that dont want to trust how well their technology is likely to last with a sweaty keyboard or screen. As a result a lot of people have started looking at TeamSpeak as an alternative communication tool during races. Guest Post by Karissa Bramhall Minn

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Zwift Workout Mode is here

After spinning on Watopia, and chasing on Richmond, we can really get the Winter off to a good start (pretty sure I missed Autumn!) as Zwift have now released their Zwift Workout mode. It’s everything we hope and more! The question is, in its current state is Zwift Workout Mode going to be able to draw people away from TrainerRoad? Continue Reading →

Volvo LifePaint – Paint to protect your life on the bike!

Volvo has always prided itself on safety. Airbags, seatbelts, side impact bars, Volvo’s safety history with the car is littered with firsts. But now the company has decided to turn its head towards the safety with cyclists. LifePaint is now going mainstream – and more importantly mainstream this weekend! Here is what you need to know! Continue Reading →