Mio Fuse Review – Optical HRM and Activity Tracker

Mio is not just one of the pioneers of optical heart rate sensors, they are also a sports technology in their own right, and produce, my opinion, THE BEST STRAPS on any wrist mounted device out there. In hearing Mio was releasing an activity tracker AND optical HRM device, well, I couldn’t wait for a review unit! Continue Reading →

Start of the ZwiftCast

Simon Schofield – Cycling journalist – has put out the first edition of Zwiftcast podcast – Have a listen its GREAT!

Interesting commentaries from riders, but also some juicy hints and tips from Eric Min – Zwift CEO! Continue Reading →

TacX Neo Long Term review update

So I’ve been riding a TacX Neo for about 1 month now – so its time for my TacX Neo Long Term review update. The following post is a collection of thoughts and musing about using the device and how I think it is positioned in the market. I think its important that I point out, this is the second TacX unit I’ve had used due to technical issues with the first unit.

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Garmin Varia Light – Smart Lights for the smart bike!

Garmin has brought out ANOTHER product in their never ending YEAR of product releases. The Garmin Varia light is the latest in Garmin’s “The Connected Bike” concept, however having smart lights, is this an innovation too far, or just what the cyclists need to stay safe at night? Continue Reading →

Stryd Review – Running in the 21st Century – TitaniumGeek

I have already touched briefly on the Stryd device with my preview post, but this is a completely new device, which has taken a little time to understand. I dont think anyone, probably not even Stryd themselves, will fully appreciate the possibilities of the Stryd device until it has been “out in the wild” for longer, and more research and work with sports coaches/teams is complete. However people are now receiving their Kickstarter devices through the post, so I think its time for my Stryd review update! Continue Reading →