Polar A360 Review – Activity Tracker & Optical HRM

Polar have released their first optical HR device, the Polar A360. The press shots certainly show a very stylish device, with a crystal clear screen, but that could be press shots for you. So how does the A360 work as an activity tracker, and more importantly as a stand-alone optical heart rate monitor?  Continue Reading →

Garmin VivoSmart HR Review – Is this the optical HR activity tracker you have been looking for?

polarWhen I reviewed the original Garmin VivoSmart, the ONLY criticism of any great note was that it lacked. It lacked an optical HR, which at the time of it’s launch was *just* beginning to filter into the activity tracker market. As 2015 closes, Garmin have revisited with VivoSmart to add optical heart rate monitoring. But the new sensors isn’t the only change that Garmin have made read on for the Garmin VivoSmart HR Review. Continue Reading →

Recon Jet Glasses Hands On – Taking the connected bike, one step too far

I saw the concept of the Recon Jet, and I wanted it. Google Glass was just beginning to wind up its marketing push. Its been a very varied 2 years since the Recon was first displayed their version of connected sports glasses, and as well as going through a series of software updates, the company was even bought by Intel of all people, resulting in a nice little price drop due to Chip-Zilla’s manufacturing muscle.

As of November 2015 – Recon Jet finally has an option to take optical prescriptions. The question is, has it been worth the wait?
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Garmin Varia Radar Review – True biking innovation

The Garmin Varia is a radar device for bikes…I’ll just let that sink in. So we’ve GPS, dynamic lights, hundreds of cycling camera’s and now radar! Whats next “frickin’ laser beams”?? Talking to people about the device some gone “Wow”, some not so. So lets have a look at the Garmin Varia Radar Review

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