Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor & Why BP Matters

Withings is very much a “personal health” monitoring company. Originally they produced a WIRED BP monitor, which was great, assuming you owned an iPhone, for everyone else… not so much. Withings now have a Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor which plays nicely with other phones. So lets take a look at the monitor, but also look at what MATTERS with regard to BP monitoring Continue Reading →

Zwift Bottle Competition

******  Zwift Bottle COMPETITION TIME *******

What’s that Scotty? The TitaniumGeek Fan Manual is nearly a year old?

Oh yes! You know what? I feel a competition coming on!

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Protein After a Workout – What is the Science?

We know that we need protein in order to repair damage after a work out, we know that our muscles are MADE of protein, but is there any benefit to the masses of products which are available over the counter, as opposed to say buying simple tins of tuna and chicken breasts, and what about when to use the protein after a workout?

There is also the long standing mantra advising to eat the protein 20mins after a work out – Let’s take a look at the evidence too! Continue Reading →

Garmin VivoActive Review

Garmin have a watch or device for everyone, runners, triathletes,  cyclists, pilots, explorers and even for the police and military.

Across many of those ranges you can go from basic units like the Forerunner 25, up to the all singing Fenix 3.

So given Garmin already has  one of the largest product ranges out there, who is the VivoActive for?

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Kickstart – Mineral Designs Mini Bar Bike Tool

I tend to keep on eye on bits of bobs knocking around on Kickstarter, and some of the kit which has come from there – Stryd for example has been awesome. Here is a bike tool Kickstart – “Wow so what, it looks like a T-Bar” If I’m honest it’s not so much the bar tool, as the chain tool which has led me to order this one!

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