Garmin Index WiFi Smart Scale review – TitaniumGeek

You know that a product category has come of age when the Big Boys get involved. In this case, the smart scale market has basically been the preserve of Withings and Fitbit for the last few years. Recently Polar have released their offering, now Garmin have come forth with their own take on the Smart Scale. Broadly scales are scales, they tell you have large you are. So manufacturers have started adding extra bells and whilst to attract your attention. The question then has to be utility. Do you NEED an ANT+ compatible scale? Let take a look at the Garmin Index Continue Reading →

Polar V650 GPS Cycling Computer Review

The Polar V650 was the companies first GPS base unit. Polar have a long list of older, speed sensor based bike units, but life is easier when you are connected to the eye in the sky. The question is, in today crowded GPS market, is the V650 still a contender? – This Polar V650 GPS Cycling Computer Review will find out! Continue Reading →

Zwift Strava Segments Guide

There seem to be THOUSANDS of Strava segments when you look at your Zwift rides. The most annoying part is you can’t easily search for types of segments, their lengths. In addition some segments have variable degrees of accuracy with regard to where the start and finish points are. So here is my guide to Zwift Strava segments! Continue Reading →