Withings Body Cardio WiFi Scale Review

Withings is the company which basically pioneered the “smart scale” bringing the first Wifi connected scale to market as their debut product in 2009. However a lot has changed in the health monitoring market since 2009, and the smart scale market is certainly rather crowded now. Withings have just released a new flag ship scale, the Withings Body Cardio WiFi Scale. So can Withings teach an old dog new tricks? Continue Reading →

Ice or heat for pain? Which is best post riding?

Pain – especially from sports is really annoying. You try to keep fit, and what happens? You end up with an injury. The question is, what should you do? Ice or heat for pain?  We’ll take at look and see what is likely to get you back on the bike, road, or Zwift faster

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Garmin Fenix 3 HR Review – Is the optical HR sensor worth the cost?

The Fenix 3 its great. It’a my personal watch. What would have made it better is an optical heart rate sensor. Well Garmin have answered my heart’s desire… The question this Garmin Fenix3 HR Review will ask, is it worth the price of admission however?

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Fitbit Charge HR review with new dashboard

Fitbit is to sports trackers as Apple is to MP3 players. Fitness trackers are *almost* colloquially referred to as Fitbits. So whilst I’m waiting for the Fitbit Aria to arrive, I thought it would worth while looking at the Fibit Charge HR, which is ostensibly Fibit’s break out device.

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