Prudential RideLondon 2016 Race Preparations!

Having been one of the lucky thousands to get into the Prudential RideLondon, I thought it might be interesting to have a quick look over my kit bag for the coming weekend. I always have a problem packing. Whether that is to go on holiday, or just heading off to a race. So rather than just do the usual spin around the house looking daft, I thought I’d do a quick post showing what is going on before this weekend big ride.

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Fitbit Aria Scales review

Fitbit is synonymous with activity trackers, as GoPro is to action cameras. An important part of today’s tech world is creating connected ecosystems of devices. To see if all those steps are paying off, Fitbit has it’s own connected Wifi scales, the Fitbit Aria. So does it stand up on its own, or is it just another ecosystem component?

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HipLok FLX Bike Lock review

A lot of the time whizzing about doing kit reviews, I want to rack up the bike, and take a few shots. Or that sudden urge for a cake stop which I hadn’t prepared for with a bike lock. In the same way as carrying a “just in case” pump, tube and multi tool. The HipLok FLX is your just in case lock – something I didnt realise I was missing from my life! Continue Reading →

Polar M450 GPS cycling computer review

Small and mighty. That might be a good over view of the Polar M450 when you look at it on paper. A shrunken version of the highly successful Polar V650. But does that loss of the touch screen hamper the Polar M450 at £114, when the Polar V650 is available for at slightly more for £157?

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Uvex Variotronic FF Sunglasses Review

There is smart versions of EVERYTHING today. Smart scales, smart phones, smart watches, smart glasses from Google, Recon, and add ons from Garmin. But what about smart sunglasses… The Uvex Variotronic has taken a pair of humble sunglasses, and given them a brain, so what is the outcome? Frankenstein or Franken-Genius? Continue Reading →