FoodCell Review – A Negative Drag Nutrition Carrier

It was only a few weeks ago that FoodCell popped up on Kickstarter. I thought the unit looked a sound idea in concept but would wait until I had my hands on some hardware for a definitive opinion. For the last couple of weeks now I’ve had the FoodCell by FlowCell strapped to my aero bike. So, how has it performed? Continue Reading →

Polar M460 GPS Review – With Strava Live Segments

For 2017 the Polar M460 receives a small spec bump from the original Polar M450. But Polar clearly shows that tight dimensions and even tighter pricing doesn’t mean you have to skimp on features. Plus if you ice the cake with Strava Live Segments, you might have a winning device! Continue Reading →

Withings Steel HR Review – Digital Style!

opStyle has always been important, but the days of the blocky sports watch are now long gone. Instead, we have sleek and style lifestyle devices, which monitor us, and give us the data to monitor, if not improve, our health. With Withings, Steel HR is a perfect example of this, and is probably the most attractive activity tracker on the market – in my eyes anyway!

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SeatyLock – The Bike Lock You CAN’T forget!

I try to use my commuter bike as much as I can when popping into town, but frequently grumble to myself when I forget to grab a lock, or if I can hear a D-Lock knocking on my frame. SeatyLock have produced a bike lock, that you cant forget, and also prevents your seat being nabbed!
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Favero bePRO Power Meter Pedal Review – Zwift Gear Test

It is not often that you get new players coming in the power meter market, and pretty much getting it right straight out of the gate, but Favero, an electronics giant in Italy happens to have managed that with the BePro pedals. Given these are a relatively inexpensive power meter pedal, sounds like we need a Zwift Gear Test!! Continue Reading →