Withings Thermo Smart Thermometer Review – A Medical Perspective

The Withings Thermo, a smart thermometer, has been released just in time for the cold and flu season in the UK. I’ve been testing it out to see how their temporal artery scanning tech, compares with my NHS issue Braun ThermoScan in-ear thermometer. So have I a got a new toy in the doctor’s bag, or should Withings go back to the drawing board? Continue Reading →

Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor & Why BP Matters

Withings is very much a “personal health” monitoring company. Originally they produced a WIRED BP monitor, which was great, assuming you owned an iPhone, for everyone else… not so much. Withings now have a Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor which plays nicely with other phones. So lets take a look at the monitor, but also look at what MATTERS with regard to BP monitoring Continue Reading →

Protein After a Workout – What is the Science?

We know that we need protein in order to repair damage after a work out, we know that our muscles are MADE of protein, but is there any benefit to the masses of products which are available over the counter, as opposed to say buying simple tins of tuna and chicken breasts, and what about when to use the protein after a workout?

There is also the long standing mantra advising to eat the protein 20mins after a work out – Let’s take a look at the evidence too! Continue Reading →

Hydration for indoor cycling – Sports Hydration in the heat

Sports hydration and electrolytes are vital to effective training, even more so in the indoor environment. Whilst Zwift is amazing. Its indoors. As a result you are are going to SWEAT BUCKETS. But serious sweating, when not accompanied by the right electrolyte replacement can leave you underperforming at best, and in danger at the worst. Read on for some of the science of hydration for indoor cycling!

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Importance of sleep affecting sports performance

Recently I uploaded a review of the Withings Aura. Why? might be a good question. Yes it’s a gadget and its vaguely related to health. But let’s be honest, as a review item, it was a little out of left field. The main reason being that sleep is important. I don’t just mean its nice. I mean bone healing, bike riding, muscle building, racing winning important. Sleep affecting sports performance is part of your training you might not have looked at…
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Fractured Elbow Swimming – physiotherapy – TitaniumGeek

5 weeks and 0 days post surgery.

So far movement has been returning, slowly but surely. Fractured elbow swimming physiotherapy is the next step. Although it turns out pool physiotherapy is rather hard work, and not without its own issues…

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Omega 3 – Anti inflammatory and great for pain

Since the operation to have my elbow fracture repaired, I don’t think it’s an over statement to say that pain has been a prominent factor in my life. Especially whilst in physiotherapy, everything is about pushing just about as far as you can go. That is going to leave you a little sore. However in addition to the paracetamol and codeine pain killers, I’ve also used Omega 3 to help me deal with inflammation.  Continue Reading →