Arm strength exercises after elbow fracture – TitaniumGeek

I think the hardest part after fracturing my olecranon SEVEN months and THREE weeks ago, was not the injury itself, which was annoying, but the residual weakness. This weakness has not merely affected my arm, but also my chest and back. ONE month after having had my metal work removed, it’s finally safe to start rebuilding the muscles on my right arm and shoulder. This was MUCH harder than I expected! Continue Reading →

Metal work removal from elbow – the operation

Well the day has finally arrived. I’m losing my metal work!
Which in many ways makes me think that I need to rename the site to something other than TitaniumGeek, and I won’t have an arm full of the shiny stuff any more.

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Olecranon Fracture Metal Removal – PreOp consultant review

It’s been 5 months now since I crashed my bike, and fracturing my elbow, removing the end two inches of my olecranon. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation have gone very well, but for the occasional hiccups. As part of the recovery process, I have had an open appointment with the consultant in case of any problems – unfortunately I’ve now needed to use that card!
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Swimming after fractured elbow – Rehabilitation

Swimming has been advised to be strongly to be an effective way to recover from my fractured elbow – however my first attempts didn’t go every well, and frankly I think I over did it. FOUR months after my initial fracture and 2 months after my last swim attempt, I head back to the pool! Continue Reading →

Arm Strengthening Olecranon fracture physiotherapy exercises – TitaniumGeek

Although the metal work is currently backing out of my arm, and causing a little bit of irritation, the rods need to stay in as long as possible in order to get the maximum benefit to support the fracture. So that means starting olecranon fracture physiotherapy exercises – strength work directed at exercising and rebuilding the muscles of the arm generally – NOT about pumping iron! Continue Reading →

Trying Swimming After Elbow Fracture

Pushing a little too far in the pool

So my initial sessions at pool physiotherapy didn’t go that well. However given a good break from the pool, and a generally well moving arm, I thought now would be a good time to return to swimming after elbow fracture, although on a slightly bigger pool.
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Cycling post fractured olecranon

I’ve been out for a very ginger ride around the block on the bike, but wouldn’t really consider that to be a ride proper. More of a ride-ette or micro ride. It wasn’t an easy thing to do, and might have subsequently retreated to the safety of the KICKR once more… HOWEVER now the Little Lady has herself a shiny new carbon fibre racer, it was finally time to have a real ride – all be it only for 28mins!!
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