SportsTest Review – Going Beyond the FTP Test! – Titanium Adventures

There is a LOT of training advice online, and a lot of “arm chair” coaches. I think I have a pretty good handle on my training but will freely agree I’m swimming in a sea of available data from gadgets today. The opportunity to be put to the test by Dr Garry Palmer at SportsTest came up. It turns out there is a lot more to life than FTP test numbers, and for my physiology, my training left a lot to be desired… Join me for a review where I learnt a LOT, and have benefitted even more! Continue Reading →

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Protein After a Workout – What is the Science?

We know that we need protein in order to repair damage after a work out, we know that our muscles are MADE of protein, but is there any benefit to the masses of products which are available over the counter, as opposed to say buying simple tins of tuna and chicken breasts, and what about when to use the protein after a workout?

There is also the long standing mantra advising to eat the protein 20mins after a work out – Let’s take a look at the evidence too! Continue Reading →

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Start of the ZwiftCast

Simon Schofield – Cycling journalist – has put out the first edition of Zwiftcast podcast – Have a listen its GREAT!

Interesting commentaries from riders, but also some juicy hints and tips from Eric Min – Zwift CEO! Continue Reading →

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Volvo LifePaint – Paint to protect your life on the bike!

Volvo has always prided itself on safety. Airbags, seatbelts, side impact bars, Volvo’s safety history with the car is littered with firsts. But now the company has decided to turn its head towards the safety with cyclists. LifePaint is now going mainstream – and more importantly mainstream this weekend! Here is what you need to know! Continue Reading →

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Biking4Breasts is a 2000km bike ride, run on Zwift through Wahoo smart trainers (static bikes). The one twist is that we are going to attempt this distance over 24hrs. Why are we going to do that? To raise awareness regarding the signs of breast cancer, and to fund the latest in breast cancer models for use across a range of training and education settings.

I’ve done quite a lot of shouting about biking for breasts. One issue is that I’m not the most…concise of people at times. So with 10 days to go before the event this post is going to act as, “the whole story” to Biking4Breasts; where it came from, and what I hope the outcome will be. Continue Reading →

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