The ZWIFT Ashes has started!

In 1882 Australia won their first Test Cricket win on English soil. For more than 100 years, the Ashes has been a call to arms for both countries. Then Zwift had an idea…

An obituary ran the following day proclaiming the death of English Cricket, with the winning cricket ball cremated, and the ashes of “body” placed in a terracotta urn and taken back to Australia.

Since then the Ashes has been a lightening rod for any opportunity for a throw down between the English and the Colonials Australians

Given that Zwift is a truly international piece of cycling software, one of the Zwift team suggested that we hold a cycling Zwift Ashes event #ZAshes- . Heck any chance for a BBQ/Cup of tea! (Delete as applicable)

Zwift Ashes – ROUND 1

The first “friendly” event will take place on Saturday, 1st of August. 9:30am BST/18:30 NSW

Riders of all nations welcome. Put OZ or UK on your rider name to ride for either nation.

The Race will be lead out for ½ a lap, going in the CLOCKWISE direction.

Riders should keep under 1.5watts for that first half, behind race leader – TBA

Riding Through the Alien statues will be the start line.

From there its a flat out race for a further 4.5 laps. Riders will have completed total of 45.5KM when they pass under the Ride Out banner, completing the 5th lap – the finish.


Who WINS the Zwift ASHES?

The victory for Round 1 will be for the country that has the fastest OVERALL average team time – decided from the Strava file – so publicly viewable, and after the removal of the bottom 2 fastest riders and the top 2 fastest riders on both sides.


Only where the ride is correctly labeled *** ESPECIALLY the country tag – delete as applicable – will the riders effort be counted in the post race analysis, and most importantly Country points for the Zwift Ashes!!

Remember this is all for FUN! (until it gets serious, but thats for the later rounds of the #ZAshes ?)

Spread the word, the more riders the better!

Twitter:@goZwift, #ZAshes

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    Hi, how do I follow this (blog?). I’d like to join in the Zwift Ashes, but I’ve only just come across it by chance. It’s not on the Zwift Facebook events page, so I’d not even known it exists.

    • Most of the Zwift events at the moment are generated from the community of FB.

      I’m currently in the process of putting together Round 2. Looks like it might be a team chase.

      Take a look at Zwift Riders group – that’s the main hub at the moment – plus keep an eye on here ?

      This is the link for Zwift ashes round 2