Zwift Promo Code – Promotional jerseys

The Zwift game has many different unlockable jerseys and bikes, as discussed in the Fan Manual, up to Level 25 based on simple milage. However the Zwift team also often run a series of unlockable jerseys. This post details the Zwift promo codes needed and the jerseys we know about

Zwift Promo Code Jerseys


There are many jerseys which are unlockables within the Zwift game as you increase the levels, or hit achievements like 100km. There are also the temporary race jerseys, like the green sprinter segment this Zwift promo code add a little extra to those

In addition to the achievement jerseys, there are also occasionally promotion codes for jerseys that Zwift have produced. These jerseys tend to be released around events, and as the name would suggest promotions. I’m intending this post to stand in parallel to the Zwift Fan Manual, and similarly will keep things updated as new codes are released

Out side of the digital world, there are some of us still waiting for the ability to buy real physical Zwift jerseys, all we know is “…they are coming”


One thing that is interesting is there are many jerseys currently on Zwift to which the general public don’t have access to yet, or perhaps ever will. Personally this is something I like. If you seen Jens Voigt cycling along wearing with Trek Factory Team jersey, you know its the genuine pro jersey, and not just someone using a code.

Pressing “P” at any point in the game allows you to input a Promo Code

Zwift promo code

The effect after entering the code depends on how Zwift have programmed the jersey.

From example the current Jaguar/Pinarello jersey and bike combination (Code: JAGUAR) – which expired June 21st 5pm – was put onto your rider avatar straight away. You didnt have to select it. Similarly it will have disappeared next time you log in.

Other codes remain in your digital wardrobe to bring out when you want

Zwift promo code

There is clearly a lot of scope in the future, both as a customisation feature, and potentially another revenue stream for Zwift, if they ever offer the ability to have your own team jerseys with the game.

Current Jerseys

Amgen Tour of California

Zwift promo code

Code: ATOC2015

Tour de Pier

This was a charity jersey run where the total number of miles ridden using this jersey was logged. If 25,000 km were ridden in a week, than the Bank of America would donate $2500 dollars to the associated cancer charity – good news was the Zwift community came through.

Zwift promo code

Code: TDP2015


Celebration of the Battenkill 2015 US ride

Zwift promo code



Global Cycling Network – does it really need an introduction? – Plus they like Zwift!

Zwift promo code

Code: GoGCN


No code – “unlocked” when you link your Strava account to Zwift in the settings

Zwift promo code

Personally I think this is one of the more underwhelming jerseys, but that is obviously what Strava wanted.

Team Vision

The Tema of our very own Nathan Guerra – If you havnt checked out his Zwift videos and race commentaries then you are really missing out

Zwift promo code


St Kilda Bike Club

This kit represents the St Kilda BCC in Australia, who have recently partnered with Shimano as a sponsor. There are plans in the works for a two Oz bike clubs, with appropriate jerseys to have a show down on Zwift – sounds fun!

Zwift promo code


InGamba Cycling Tours

Zwift promo code

Code: goinGamba

Rye Norway

Zwift promo code


More Than Sport

At Kona 2015 More Than Sport launched their jersey on Zwift

Zwift promo code


Jensie Grand Fondo of Marin 2015

To celebrate the start of the eponymous Grand Fondo

Zwift promo code

– Jens Voigt had the rides real world jersey digitised on Zwift ?


Sydney CC

Zwift promo code

Code: sydneycckit


Zwift promo code


Gold Coast Cycling

Zwift promo code

code: goldcoast

Canbera Cycling Club

Zwift promo code

Code: canberracckit

Geelong Cycling club

Zwift promo code

Code: geelongcckit


Zwift used Alienware Alpha’s at the Biking4Breasts event, really cool little boxes! Check out Alienware’s, Zwift landing site

Zwift promo code



Like GCN, but with more words and less videos ? Has a very well known and excellent forum

Zwift promo code

Code: Slowtwitch


Zwift promo code


Sigma Sport

Zwift promo code

code: Sigmasport

Triathlete Mag

For those who, swim, bike AND run

Zwift promo code


Who also offer some very good cycling discounts, and always interesting UK news based cycling stories/videos

Zwift promo code

US Military Endurance Sports

Now I’m not a Yank, but I’ve got to say this is the best jersey I’ve seen on Zwift so far. There was some debate as to whether people should wear this bib if they were not part of the US Military Endurance Team. However the team themselves addressed that saying that they are happy for anyone to wear the jersey and support their effort – so we all get cool stuff ? !

Zwift promo code


World Bike Relief

Another exceptionally cool jersey because of what it stands for – Zwift was challenged, and succeeded in cycling 100,000 miles in support of a charity bringing bikes to where they are needed

Zwift promo code


Bicycling Mag

Zwift promo code


GoPearson Cycling Club

Zwift promo code



Zwift promo code



A cycling group from the Surrey Hills, UK. If you see someone in this jersey, be careful on the KOM, you might just get dropped!

Zwift promo code


Morning Glory CC

One of the larger Toronto cycling clubs – Morning Glory

Zwift promo code

Code: MGCCkit

 ZTH – Zwift Thailand

One of the first Facebook group Zwift clubs to actually have an IRL jersey, and now the have an electronic one too!

Zwift promo code

Code: ZTHkit

Ride Australia

Another Zwift promo code for a black, or at least very dark jersey, this time with Ride Australia

Zwift promo code



The colourful FreeSpeed jersey bike studio – if you are looking for a bike fit in West London, now you know!

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 17.27.39


Amgen Tour of California 2016

We had the 2015 Amgen tour jersey – one of my early favourites, so it makes sense we have the 2016 kit too! This is beginning to feel like a real collection of jerseys now!

Zwift promo code


Century Road Club Association (CRCA)

A New York City club “The Boss” Eric Min has ridden with IRL. Also a nice and bright jersey launched in 2015

Zwift promo code


TS Bikes

A Belgian bike shop and official Zwift Experience Centre

Zwift promo code



Sort of says it all really!

Zwift promo code



The eponymous online cycling mag

Zwift promo code


As ever, if you see any new jerseys drop me a line – HOWEVER this list is not 100% of ALL the jerseys released, as some teams/companies have asked for their jerseys NOT to be made public. However this can be considered to be an accurate list of all the PUBLIC jerseys


About James Gill

A runner first, a cyclist second, and when pushed a swimmer. Working as a GP registrar, I found that I went from walking 12miles a day on the hospital corridors to sitting in a chair. Whilst at medical school, I'd run 10km in an evening just for fun, but having lost the general activity required to be a hospital SHO, consciously being active has now become more important - well until I broke myself!

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  • John

    Elitist bullshit.

  • Joe

    Saw a SF Giants jersey.

  • This is really interesting, You are a very professional blogger.
    I have joined your feed and look ahead to in quest of extra of your great post.
    Additionally, I’ve shared your web site in my social networks

  • Now the PRL ride as an event has passed, it doesn’t activate with the code anymore

  • Joost

    I am sure I previously unlocked “a” Prudential Ride London kit. Currently this kit does not show up any more in my customize screen, nor can I re-activate it by using the PRLKIT32316 code as mentioned above.
    Has this kit changed to one that can only be unlocked after some kind of achievement?

  • Dave Owen

    The Kiss jersey is for members of the Kiss Racing Team. Any member found to have passed on the code is subject to riding on Zwift forever on a child’s tricycle.

  • R. Toberz

    How do you get the KISS jersey?

  • It largely depends on the size of the club/team, but they normally need to have about 50 active riders on Zwift.

    To the best of my knowledge current applications are on pause whilst designer effort is focuses on the game development rather than the club jerseys.

  • Ian Appleby


    How do you go about getting a kit customised for your own club/team? Is it possible?

  • MartinBj

    Tacx jersey working for me today, just enterd “gotacx” and got it

  • Paul

    New jersey unlock for Prudential Ride100 London.


  • Sounds cracking Dickie

    Is the address the Logicasport and I’ll put it in the post

  • Hello Fellow Zwift Enthusiasts,

    For all fans of the ‘Bike & Beer’ Zwift Virtual cycling kit, I have some great news to share…., this Ottawa Ontario Canada based sportif cycling club has created an online portal for cycling kit purchase. This includes not only the red/blue worn on Zwift, but our new 2016 Vintage White series. Please check out at the following address, and if you have any questions please address them to [email protected]. Regards, Dickie

  • Rene G.

    It’s not working for me.

  • It certainly seems to have changed

  • GAmes56

    Has the Docomo jersey been revoked? I can’t seem to get that code to work.

  • Here’s one mixing many folks favorite things: bikeandbeer

  • Dave Owen

    It is deloittedigital


  • Morten Nielsen

    delliotdigital Is NOT working

  • MrCooper


  • K. Prescher

    Haha, I’m buying a vortex but won’t advertise for free for them if they make it more difficult. Vortex is in shipping and i check the status for it twice a day. :). Can’t wait.

  • Morten Nielsen

    I have a Tacx Neo and I must write GoTacx code into each I will run in the jersey

  • Zwift may have changed things now so that it auto unlocks when you log in, and have a paired TacX device.

    I know some companies, e.g. Alienware have been variable on having their jerseys in the public domain

  • Mézi

    You are right, Tacx jersey is disappeared.However the app says, the ‘gotacx’is a valid promo code, but nothing happens if you press enter.

  • K. Prescher

    Did Tacx jersey disappear? I thought I loaded it and it’s gone. Code to reenter it doesn’t work ‘gotacx’

  • Do you have real promo code that can be used in payment area?
    Those code looks like just a password to get items in game.

  • MrCooper

    BikeRadar – BikeRadar

    Good looking kit.

  • MrNielson

    Great site 🙂

  • Thanks. Will try and get these updated later

  • MrCooper

    Docomo – DocomoJapan

  • Greup

    GOAMGENTOC Amgen tour of California 2016

  • Thanks Cilione

  • Cilione

    Ride Australia – RIDEAUSTRALIA
    FreeSpeed – GOFREESPEED

  • MrCooper

    Morning Glory CC – MGCCKit
    ZTH – ZTHKit

  • clive

    Oh that’s a bit random, guess I got lucky the CTRL-V transposes the last character you enter, so if you copy LAVA you end up with ANT+ screen on Ctrl V and SIGMASPORT the customise screen! same with group message ending in M ~ put that down to a feature!

  • Interesting. I didn’t know that, I’ll stick it on the next uodate

  • clive

    Not sure if you are aware (ant find reference to it) CTRL-V opens promo box and automatically pastes the copied promo (from clipboard).

  • Done

  • Thanks, I’ll get the page updated next week hopefukly

  • Gijs Verdick

    Hey I got a couple of new jersey codes

    LAVA – Unlocks Lava magazine kit
    SIGMASPORT – Unlock Sigma Sport kit
    ROAD.CC – Unlocks the cycling kit
    BICYCLINGMAG – Unlock the Bicycling Magazine kit

  • ZWIFT are giving their jersey production a pause for a bit. They are currently building a MOUNTAIN (!) so everyone will get the benefit.

  • Kelly Latham

    I’ve just been checking through this list of jerseys and it strikes me that there are a couple of jerseys that should be created to honor people who have put in work to promote Zwift, DC Rainmaker and Titaniumgeek!

  • Thanks Mr Copper!

  • MrCooper

    Gopearson -> pearson cycling club

  • Trevor

    Great info James! Thanks!
    Bicycle magazine kit is: BICYCLINGMAG

  • Team kits need to be submitted to Zwift. There isn’t a set criteria to the best of my knowledge. But the larger the team, greater the likelihood of a jersey

  • Tony

    Hi James- very new to Zwift (lv7) but really getting into it. Searched for different kits to unlock on Zwift and found your site here. Awesome info thanks a ton. Is there a way to get a Team Kit put on the list so people can download and ride with it? I emailed Swift but thought I would ask you as well. Thanks

  • MrCooper

    Guerra vision – govision

  • Mézi

    BICYCLINGMAG – For new jersey.
    BLEBETA – This enables BLE (Bluetooth LE) support in Zwift. While it’s in beta, you’ll have to do this each time you wish to ride in Zwift with a BLE peripheral. BLE support is currently in beta, and only supports heart-rate monitors and power-meters which broadcast BLE.
    Note: Attempting to pair cadence sensors, speed sensors, and/or smart trainers may cause instabilities in Zwift, including game crashes, and we don’t guarantee any functionality with them at this time.

  • Thanks, going to try and do an update soon enough

  • Not at the moment, there have been temporary codes, but nothing permanent.

    I’ve quite a lot of codes to update!!!

  • Wow. There’s a lot of them! Are there any bike you can unlock by a promo code?

  • We now think that it might unlock after you complete Everest challenge…TWICE!

  • Rich

    ‘more than a code’…
    ‘more than’ is an anagram?
    th an erom…
    th ermo an?

  • Don’t worry! Thanks for taking the time!

  • MrCooper

    I guess I should have just made one post sorry about that.


  • Thanks Mr Cooper! Looks like I’ve a lot of updating to do this weekend!

  • MrCooper


  • MrCooper

  • MrCooper

    gotacx – For Tacx Jersey

  • 1) VCGHKIT
    3) TISSOT (changes your jersey, but doesn’t stay in inventory)

  • Thanks I’ll get it on by the weekend ?

  • Thanks. I’ll get those added this weekend ?

  • Endeavour


  • Mézi

    ‘goelite’ for Elite jersey.

  • Mézi

    ‘gotacx’ to enable Tacx jersey.

  • Nice!

  • MrCooper ( Jersey)

  • prs4tme

    I’m on it 🙂

  • You want an Easter egg. There is a Tron bike with yellow neon wheels.

    The only hint I have is “more than a code”

  • prs4tme

    Its like looking for easter eggs!

  • Cracking stuff PRS4Tme, I’ll get those added tomorrow! Thanks

  • prs4tme

    Here are some more:

    Gold Coast Cyclery – gold coast
    Sydney Cycling – sydneycckit
    Canbera Cycling club – canberracckit
    Geelong Cycling club – geelongcckit

  • thanks updated

  • thanks, I updated that today

  • Super! Thanks I’ll get that adddd this evening ?

  • MTSKIT – Kit deportivo More Than Sport (Más que deporte) lanzado en IMKONA2015

  • prs4tme

    Jensie unlocks a grandfondo jersey

  • prs4tme

    Jensie unlocks a jersey

  • Samuel N

    how can I contact Charlie Issendorf?

  • Not listed, only achieved with promo code

  • Hi Niels. If you are looking to get a team jersey on Zwift the contact you need is Charlie Issendorf over at Zwift

  • Niels G

    Just curious Torjus: how did you get your own jersey in Zwift?
    Great win last week, looks like you’re setting a new standard 🙂

  • Thanks for the heads up Torjus. I’ve added the New Jersey to the post. RIDE ON!

  • “Goskrye” will give you my local club kit! Which is the biggest cycling club in norway (2000 members) 😉

  • The jersey should be in your kit list now then. Are you not see in fit?

  • Hi, I linked my Strava in Zwift and I’ve upload a little practice to Strava.
    As I can get the jersey Strava? Thank You

  • Thanks for the heads up, I’ve just updated the page, and put a link to the St. Kilda page, might bring them a few more members


    New kit : STKILDA2015KIT

  • Thanks Christian!!

  • Christian Wiedmann

    The Amgen Tour of California jersey code is ATOC2015

  • Not at all. I’m be grateful if you could include a mention to the site, but I also appreciate depending on what the video is that might not be appropriate/work for what you are doing.

    Thanks for taking a look

  • Dave Owen

    Awesome stuff as usual. Would you mind if (with full credit and links to here) if I YouTube these codes?

    Strong legs,


  • Normally I’d agree. My riding buddy has a black bike, black decals and black high lights. I love it. But on Zwift. I like to be able to see the jerseys more clearly. But that’s person preference and why it’s great we have a large selection

  • Chris Parker

    Strava “Personally I think this is one of the more underwhelming jerseys, but that is obviously what Strava wanted” That’s my favorite jersey….I prefer underwhelming or understated…