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Zwift has now released its major new release – Zwift iOS via the Apple App store. However, the Zwift team are a group who could NEVER be accused of sitting still. As a result, they have also snuck in an Easter Egg of the beta running module for Zwift! So let’s get off the turbo trainer, strap on some running shoes and take Zwift running for a spin jog

Zwift Running iOS Review – Your treadmill just got upgraded!

Zwift Running

In August of this year Zwift CEO Eric Min set the FaceBook Zwift groups of fire, by casually posting Strava activity of him running on Zwift. Clad in the companies Zwift/CCP cycling jersey, but bereft of a bike, I actually think this is something I have been more interested that Zwift iOS generally. Please don’t confuse that statement, the ease of Zwifting from an iPhone, or iPad is cool, but it is still the Zwift we know and use daily. Zwift running however, now that is new, and very interesting!Zwift Running

Let’s be clear about Zwift Running before we get any further. From rumblings a few months ago, Zwift Running is being viewed as a “hobby”, in the same way Apple classed iOS TV as a hobby for a while. The version of Zwift Running I had access to wasn’t a code or, something sent over the airwaves, it was on a physical iPad I was loaned briefly for demonstration at ZwiftCon UK.

One story I was told about regarding the inception/development related Zwift Running was related to one of the wives of a Zwift HQ staffer. Their partner had a running group which they enjoyed, but when travelling with work wasn’t able to get to their meetups. The discussion ensued at ZwiftHQ along the lines of, “We meet up on Zwift for our group rides etc wherever we are in the world, wouldn’t it be cool if we could do the same with a running group? Pop down to the hotel gym, jump on the treadmill, and be able to run together…” So now we have Zwift Running in development.

I say in development, the build is excellent, but I have no idea when this is going to get a release.

So enough of development stories, let’s have a look at the software!

Zwift Running Setup

Zwift Running

Unlike Zwift cycling which needs a bike (I know, shocking!) with at least a speed sensor and a turbo trainer to allow you to spin, Zwift Running needs only a footpod… ok and a treadmill, ok AND the iPad/iPhone. The point is, if you already have access to a treadmill, let’s say via a gym membership, or when in a hotel, the cost to entry into Zwift running is the ~ £40 for the cost of the Bluetooth foot pod.

During this test I was using the Polar S3+ foot pod, and had no issues at all

Zwift Running

The Polar s3 uses Bluetooth smart, and connected straight away without issue. Whilst the Polar S3 foot pod allows you to record you speed/cadence without additional devices, such as GPS, so perfect for indoor training.The unit ONLY uses Bluetooth, so you won’t be able to connect it to Garmin only ANT+ receivers for example

It’s probably worth while noting that the Polar S3+ takes a, slightly difficult to find, CR2430 battery. Thankfully on the day of the review I was able to find one on the highstreet from Boots

Zwift Running

It is best if you calibrate the S3+ first, as that will improve the accuracy on Zwift, and when using it generally, however that does need a compatible Polar W.I.N.D. device. Not having one to hand, I just used as is.

Fine! Someone is still going to say you have to pay for the gym membership!! So if you buy a MANUAL running machine for your home, at £82, then including the footpod, this is still going to be the cheapest way to enter into the Zwift world if you are opening your own wallet and starting from nothing. (Hopefully, the argumentative part of my brain will shut up now!)

So you’ve got the kit, now we need to use it – so we load up the Zwift iOS app, and pair the sensors as usual

Zwift Running

However this time we have a new button!

Zwift Running

This new button allows us to specifically pair our running cadence pod. Just to clarify this is a one-way communication type of thing. Although when paired the button shows your speed, this is the speed the footpod is calculating you are running at, not the speed of the treadmill. There is no capacity for Zwift Running to control a treadmills speed yet – although it will be interesting to see if Tacx cooks up something clever with the Magnum trainer, and the controllable trainer function on Zwift, perhaps adjusting the incline as well?

For the time being, you are going to have adjust your treadmill incline as you run along yourself, which may be a slight issue for treadmills that have inclines on 1-10 setting, rather than Zwifts more accurate percentages.

So we hit the button and search for a foot pod.

Zwift Running

Regrettably whilst the Stryd Pioneer unit is detectable in terms of a cadence sensor, it is currently unsupported, and thus gives no data to the app other than heart rate. Thankfully the Polar S3 foot pod, connects and had no issues

Zwift Running

Once the cadence sensor sorted, you are good to go – don’t forget though; you are playing with iOS here, so you’re out of luck with ANT+ cadence sensors. Although bridge devices such as the 4iiii Viiiiva could be used to transmit the data again via Bluetooth to Zwift iOS to get you running.

As you are running, you might want to pop into your profile, and swap out your helmet and gloves. Although currently Zwift has no running specific kit. But then I’m always happy in my Team X kit.

Zwift Running

Zwift have clearly put a lot of work into the look, even down to the treads on the runners feet!

Zwift Running

Once we are paired, and we’re happy with our outfit, we are nearly ready to head off.

When you load into the game, you can either chose to ride/run with someone as normal (and this is an effect way of seeing more parts of the maps). Your avatar will appear standing by the side of the track

The boost button from Zwift Cycling has been replaced with an “add target” buttonZwift Running

If you tap here then options for what you would like to do appear, covering all of the main runs that people tend of do on a running machine

Zwift Running

Make your selection, and then hit the “ok” button and head off for that jog!

Zwift Running

For some people, starting an iPad, or possibly even an iPhone is not going to give them a premium experience, but as we’re using the Zwift app on a iOS device we have the option to Airplay to a larger screen with AppleTV, very much like regular Zwift, building on the immersion. But even without an AppleTV you can connect via an HDMI/DVI/VGA dongle, and just rely on the distance of Bluetooth transmission to keep the cadence data rolling in.

Zwift Running

Zwifting with Zwift Running – Using the system

There are a few slight interface changes when you are in the running system.

For one, in the top LEFT corner of the screen, your heart rate zone now changes the colour of the display box accordingly. We’re also getting a display of your pace, and the calories you have burnt

Zwift Running

Next to the heart rate data is the circle we normally have the power ups in. Whilst in Zwift running mode, the circle displays your progress in the activity you have selected – either running distance or time.

Zwift Running

Now, most gyms; well hotel gyms anyway tend to be dungeons without any form of mobile/wifi signal. Zwift have prepared for this, as Zwift Running is completely self-contained and does not need an internet connection until you want to upload your run. Note on the left-hand side of the above screen. I’m running all alone, this same as when you have an internet dropout when cycling on Zwift.

However, that is not compulsory. If you want to have other riders shooting by, or when released other runners, you can connect, and be sociable

Zwift Running

Even when you are alone though, the Zwift segments still exist though. Although I’m not sure they are currently runner specific, but I can’t imagine that is a difficult issue for Zwift to overcome

Zwift Running


Whilst I was excited to try Zwift Running, I didn’t expect to enjoy as much as I did! I have always hated running machines, I like running outside, I don’t mind it even in the rain. But sometimes I just isn’t possible to get out – for example I’m not a great night runner. Call me a sissy if you like for not wanting to go running in the dark, but also it’s not very pretty! Completely black country roads and fields, I’ve got less to look at than when I’m in the gym staring at the wall! Which brings me back nicely to Zwift Running. It’s cool! Like Zwift before it, I’m no longer just grinding away indoors, I’m getting an immersive experience, and a more stimulating treadmill workout. Plus the cost to entry is signifcantly lower than the cost to entry with Zwift cycling in terms of kit

Which in term brings me to Zwift VR…

Now I was completely blown away by Zwift VR and the ability to look around whilst riding. But that is not actually very realistic, cycling we’re normally more fixed forwards, which is why Zwift on large screen tv’s works so well. Running is different though, we do look around a lot more. If the technology can catch up to create a light weight system, which can deal with sweat, then suddenly Zwift VR becomes astonishingly important.

Watching Zwift grow and Jon Mayfield develop his world is great, but I’m genuinely interested to see where Zwift will be in 1-2 years from now… I’m hearing comments about running tracks off road as well! Makes sense, the designers have created these wonderful vistas, and yet we are only using small parts of the existing island! All looks very fun!

About James Gill

A runner first, a cyclist second, and when pushed a swimmer. Working as a GP registrar, I found that I went from walking 12miles a day on the hospital corridors to sitting in a chair. Whilst at medical school, I'd run 10km in an evening just for fun, but having lost the general activity required to be a hospital SHO, consciously being active has now become more important - well until I broke myself!

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  • Oddly enough, using Stryd and Polar footpod, I’m about 10% slower.

    The Milestone test unit is in the post so can’t comment yet

  • Have anyone been able to find a way to calibrate a footpod with Zwift run? I’m using a Milestone pod (which transmits data via Bluetooth after a beat firmware update). I find that on Zwift my pace is about 10% faster then on the treadmill or if using a Garmin 735XT (which has a built in step counter) which I have calibrated via GPS outside.

  • Nice review. I tried this at a Zwift demo event recently on a Tacx Magnum recently and the two are indeed linked for pace without need of a foot pod or anything. Not sure about incline as that mode was not enabled. Have you tried RunSocial as, on the face of it, this is very similar – runners on treadmills anywhere being shown on a virtual course. Indeed it allows direct connections to Life Fitness treadmills for pace and incline and it can control the incline if you set that option on. They also sell a “TreadTracker” which can supposedly get pace from any treadmill and convey it to the app over BT. Bit lacking in other areas though – notably no run export facility – so you still need a foot pod to record your run “properly” and put on Strava etc

  • Janar

    Any plans for PC and and + option? Would like to really use my Garmin footpod and laptop instead.

  • st3rn

    How to enable this feature on the iOS app?

  • nic