Hands on with WASP CABLE ANT+ Bridge on Zwift iOS – Zwift Gear Test

With the launch of Zwift iOS at the weekend any user with a stable of ANT+ only sensors is going to be faced with a decision. Buy new dual channel BLE/ANT+ devices, or use a bridge device.  The CABLE, literally standing for Connect ANT Bluetooth Low Energy is a dedicated bridge device that wants a place in your pain cave. But with only a single function, have North Pole Engineering made a compelling product compared to rival ANT+ bridges?

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Zwift iOS Game App review – Full Zwift in your pocket!!

When Zwift originally launched it was a PC/Mac affair only. Over time an iOS companion app for Zwift was born saving us from a sweaty keyboard. Now Zwift has made the jump, and created a full-blown standalone iOS app so you can Zwift from your iPhone or iPad – let’s go kick some (tiny) virtual wheels and have a test drive! Continue Reading →

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4iiii Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor, ANT+ to Bluetooth Smart Bridge Review – Zwift Gear Tests

The number of heart rate monitors on the market is mind-boggling. Most sports gadgets come with an HRM in the box, or at least the option. I personally have 5 knocking around the house – so why buy a separate HRM? Extra features!! With the 4iiii Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor working as an ANT+ to Bluetooth bridge, this is  likely to be a very useful heart rate monitor when it comes to using the new iOS Zwift platform! Continue Reading →

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Garmin VivoSmart HR Review – Is this the optical HR activity tracker you have been looking for?

polarWhen I reviewed the original Garmin VivoSmart, the ONLY criticism of any great note was that it lacked. It lacked an optical HR, which at the time of it’s launch was *just* beginning to filter into the activity tracker market. As 2015 closes, Garmin have revisited with VivoSmart to add optical heart rate monitoring. But the new sensors isn’t the only change that Garmin have made read on for the Garmin VivoSmart HR Review. Continue Reading →

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Shimano Action Camera – CM100 Review

The action camera market is hotting up, with the inclusion of the latest GoPro Session trying to slim down on the GoPro formulae. Shimano however is already there with one of the smallest packages on the market, and with several lessons GoPro should have taken on board.
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