Zwift Running iOS Review – Your treadmill just got upgraded! – TitaniumGeek

Zwift has now released its major new release – Zwift iOS via the Apple App store. However, the Zwift team are a group who could NEVER be accused of sitting still. As a result, they have also snuck in an Easter Egg of the beta running module for Zwift! So let’s get off the turbo trainer, strap on some running shoes and take Zwift running for a spin jog Continue Reading →

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Stryd Foot Pod – A Foot Based Running Power Meter

After the Rio Olympics, some of the athletes secret sauce is out – a NEW Stryd Foot Pod! Given that optical heart rate meters on watches are very much in vogue, Stryd has taken their power metrics gubbins and stuffed them into a foot pod! Continue Reading →

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Wahoo TICKR X Review – A heart rate monitor with special skills!

Wahoo makes several different heart rate monitors, the most expensive of which is the Wahoo TICKR X. The heart rate monitor for years has been a relatively simple device. So what special sauce has Wahoo spread on the TICKR X to justify it’s £79 price tag?

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Garmin Forerunner 920XT review – running dynamics

Garmin Forerunner 920XT review – lets be clear, the 920XT is not a simple sports watch. In order to do the watch justice, and to explain the myriad of features, I’m going split this review into several different posts – starting with the watches Running Features and Running Dynamics

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