Cycleops Magnus Trainer Review – Zwift Gear Test – TitaniumGeek

Cycleops has come back to the direct drive turbo market with the Hammer, but in a one, two blow, they have also released a wheel on trainer in the form of the Cycleops Magnus, coming in at under half the price of the bigger Hammer. I’ve been using the Cycleops Hammer and the Magnus now for about six weeks, so how do they compare, and how do the hills on Zwift feel through the wheel with the Cycleops Magnus? It sounds like we need another Zwift Gear Test!

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Wahoo KICKR SNAP Review – Zwift Gear Test

Direct drive turbos are the pinnacle of Smart trainers. But they are also associated with stratospheric prices in many cases. The Wahoo KICKR SNAP is pitched at their low-cost version of the KICKR. The same industrial design philosophy as their bigger KICKR, but with a less wallet damaging entry fee – How is the Zwift experience affected on Wahoo’s “budget” offering?

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Using Zwift for Fractured Elbow Rehabilitation with Wahoo KICKR

One of the bits of advice I have had from the physiotherapist is to try and keep active during my cycling injury rehabilitation. Keep my heart rate up to help improve the blood flow to the healing olecranon fracture. The best thing, is they are happy for me to do that on Zwift!

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Zwift review – The latest twist on indoor training

After a slight delay, due to a technical issues, resolved admirably through the Amazon Prime system, I finally managed to get Zwift working. What is Zwift? Zwift define themselves as a meeting of the world of Massive Multiplayer Online games and the indoor cycling community. So does that mean this is the World of WarCraft in Lycra?

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Wahoo KICKR review – One Turbo to rule them all?

The Wahoo KICKR review can best be summed in the words of the classic Carlsberg advert says “If Carlsberg made product turbo trainer, it would probably be the best product turbo trainer in the WORLD!”

But if Carlsberg did try to make a turbo trainer… I don’t think they could make one better than the Wahoo KICKR!

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