Cycleops Hammer Turbo Trainer Review – Zwift Gear Test – TitaniumGeek

Having been using the Cycleops Hammer for a couple of months now after ZwiftCon, I’m in a much better place to give an idea as to how the latest Cycleops unit feels, and more importantly, how it responds to race conditions, in order to be able to class this review as a proper Zwift Gear Test! So if you are interested in the new trainer on the block, read on in the Cycleops Hammer review and Zwift Gear Test!
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TacX Neo vs Wahoo KICKR – the show down!

The Wahoo KICKR basically rules the smart turbo trainer roost. There is occasionally some debate, but there have been no challengers which have really been able to come close to dqualling the KICKR in all of the areas it excels at, namely : Reliability, stability, design, and quality.

TacX have recently launched the Neo, their latest smart trainer, and on paper it looks a strong contender for the KICKR’s crown – My preview of the Neo left me wanting more. Having now recieved both units in the house, its clear that the Wahoo KICKR may finally have a genuine fight on its hands – so without more read on for the Neo vs KICKR comparison Continue Reading →

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