Cycleops Hammer Turbo Trainer Preview – TitaniumGeek

For myself, the biggest product announcements of 2016 have been the new direct mount trainers from Tacx, Elite and Cycleops. I have finally managed to get my hands on a Cycleops Hammer – There will be a full review and Zwift Gear Test, shortly, but for now, here is something to consider as an appetiser! Continue Reading →

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Wahoo KICKR review – One Turbo to rule them all?

The Wahoo KICKR review can best be summed in the words of the classic Carlsberg advert says “If Carlsberg made product turbo trainer, it would probably be the best product turbo trainer in the WORLD!”

But if Carlsberg did try to make a turbo trainer… I don’t think they could make one better than the Wahoo KICKR!

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