Stryd Garmin Connect IQ app testing

When the Stryd running meter was released, the only company to support it straight out of the box was Suunto. The Stryd team have used the Garmin Connect IQ platform to build a Stryd app for several Garmin watches. With the Stryd Garmin Connect IQ app finally Garmin watches can access, easily, the full suit of Stryd running data. Continue Reading →

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Zwift Strava Segments Guide

There seem to be THOUSANDS of Strava segments when you look at your Zwift rides. The most annoying part is you can’t easily search for types of segments, their lengths. In addition some segments have variable degrees of accuracy with regard to where the start and finish points are. So here is my guide to Zwift Strava segments! Continue Reading →

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Garmin 920XT Review – Smart Watch – TitaniumGeek

I had held off purchasing the old Garmin 910XT in July, in the belief that there would have the be a replacement watch in the not too distant future.

Now this wasn’t just a desire for new things, but a want for features that were available in other products, Bluetooth LE as a minimum. Since the original 910XT’s release in 2012, and its development over the preceding years prior, I thought it quite likely that given the sea change in the world of GPS watches, even in Garmin’s own line up with the 620 Forerunner, an update had to be imminent. Plus, with the advent of the mainstream smart watch, aggressively promoted and produced by the likes of Samsung and now Apple, Garmin couldn’t really just produce another GPS triathlon watch. They had to push the envelope.

So is the 920XT a hit, or the beginning of the end for Garmin, as the new guard come out guns blazing?
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Zwift review – The latest twist on indoor training

After a slight delay, due to a technical issues, resolved admirably through the Amazon Prime system, I finally managed to get Zwift working. What is Zwift? Zwift define themselves as a meeting of the world of Massive Multiplayer Online games and the indoor cycling community. So does that mean this is the World of WarCraft in Lycra?

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Wahoo Segments review – An IOS app

Wahoo Segments app is very unique, and works with many of Wahoo’s other products. The Wahoo KICKR is an amazing piece of kit, and engineered to an industrial standard. But it’s true power as a training tool becomes apparent only apparent when paired to some of the great turbo trainer apps out there – see Zwift.

Wahoo have created the Segments app to utilise the variable resistance of the Wahoo KICKR  to allow you to cycle Strava segments, and cycle against other riders pre-existing times in the comfort of your own Pain Cave/home.

Currently the app is available on the App Store as one of the higher priced apps at £22.99. So like the KICKR it works with, it’s an expensive proposition, so is it worth it?

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