Redshift Shockstop Review –  Bike Stem Suspension 

Everything old is new again! In the 90’s bike firms looked at the idea of making the ride on road bikes more compliant by added shock absorbers to the handlebar stems. But the tech was superseded by the compliance of carbon fibre. Now Redshift has taken another look at the concept, and do you know what? It works! Continue Reading →

RedShift ShockStop – A vibration damping bike stem – KICKSTARTER

Some KickStarter Projects look too good to be true. By comparison, some produce a knee-jerk “Why didn’t I think of that!” In this case RedShift has produced an “I NEED one of those” reactions. Anything that looks like it will reduce the vibrations going up through my arm gets my vote. Read on to see what I’m going on about! Continue Reading →