Beddit 3 Smart Sleep Monitor Review

Sleep is great, but it is one area of our lives that frequently people skimp on. There are many sleep trackers on the market, but not all are created equally, especially when it comes to comparing a wrist-mounted unit with a bed mounted sleep tracker such as the Beddit Smart Sleep Monitor. What difference does a dedicated sleep tracker make, and is it worth buying a unit over your standard wrist activity monitor? Continue Reading →

Withings Aura Review sleep monitor

I love sleep! Who doesn’t? In fact, I have heard life described as a series of distractions from sleep! In all seriousness though, sleep is important both for work, and play, and is especially important if you are recovering from injury or training hard. The Withings Aura is designed to monitor your sleep with an accuracy that most phone and wrist monitors can only dream of – is it worth the asking price?
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