Garmin Fenix 5 Review – A New Smart Watch King, But For One Mistake

The Garmin Fenix 5 is out! The successor to the phenomenally successful Garmin Fenix 3. Has Garmin taken all the lessons learnt since the Fenix 3 was released in 2015, and made the Fenix 5 a must buy? Or does the Fenix 5 have an Achilles heel that might keep it from greatness? Let’s see!

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Garmin Vivoactive HR Review – Is the complete revamp a success?

Garmin at the moment is a smart watch juggernaut. The sheer speed of their product release schedule is astounding. However, as a result of this, not every product is a star studied masterpiece. I wasn’t a great fan of the Garmin Vivoactive, so is the new revamped Garmin Vivoactive HR with an optical heart rate sensor a better device?

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Suunto Spartan Ultra GPS Multi-Sport review – Failure or Fabulous?

I’ll be honest, the Suunto Spartan has been a watch I have been aching to get my hands on. My own regular watch is the Garmin Fenix3, but I always keep an open mind to potentially purchasing a replacement device. The Suunto Spartan is a device which visually, and on paper at least, looked like it might find a permanent place on my wrist – which is why this review has been so hard to write… Continue Reading →

Withings Activité Pop Review – New tricks with an classical face

Sports bands and activity trackers are now big. There is no debating that. Similarly the technology they contain is growing with every generation or firmware update. However one thing that many activity trackers lack, is a universal style. They all look like sports devices, or bits of modern technology. So for those who prefer a more analogue style Withings have you covered with the Withings Activité Pop. A smart watch, with old school looks

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Polar V800 Multi-Sport Watch GPS Review

Polar have always had a strong pedigree when it comes to cycling head units and runnning watches. The V800 watch is Polar’s latest multi sport watch, covering everything needed for the triathlon, and a few other sports as well Continue Reading →

Swimming after fractured elbow – Rehabilitation

Swimming has been advised to be strongly to be an effective way to recover from my fractured elbow – however my first attempts didn’t go every well, and frankly I think I over did it. FOUR months after my initial fracture and 2 months after my last swim attempt, I head back to the pool! Continue Reading →

Trying Swimming After Elbow Fracture

Pushing a little too far in the pool

So my initial sessions at pool physiotherapy didn’t go that well. However given a good break from the pool, and a generally well moving arm, I thought now would be a good time to return to swimming after elbow fracture, although on a slightly bigger pool.
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