Zwift User Manual – The Unofficial Guide to Zwift!

Since Zwift was released, there has been a steady run of updates and new features. This post has been set up as the UNOFFICIAL Zwift User manual, to keep abreast of the changes and document the tips, tricks, issues and information which has been announced and also discovered by the world of Zwift riders. I aim to keep this manual updated as new information comes up, and things change. So #RideON

Last update to Zwift User Manual 17/03/2017

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Zwift Rides and Races, Events and Acronyms

As the Zwift cycling game has grown, so have the number of weekly Zwift Rides and Races occur in on Watopia. In addition to the growth in the Zwift community, a series of acronyms and slang terminologies has developed. This post will look to list the common zwift races and events whilst working as a mini Zwift Glossary

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